Recreation - Schedules & Standings

Note to Parents:

Schedules are subject to change and may not reflect weather cancellations or scheduled make-ups. This schedule should be used for reference only; for the most up to date information for your team, please speak with your coach.  If the schools shut down during the day due to inclement weather, all evening activities held in the schools are then automatically cancelled. If you are unsure about the status of your activity, please call the Recreation Office after 4:30pm (weekdays) or 8:00am (Saturdays) for an update. Our programs would not exist if not for the cooperation of the Paramus Board of Education as well as the school staff. Please respect their property and employees. Damages to the building or abuse of any staff members will result in suspensions of the individuals and or the cancellation of games. All children who are brought to the games must stay with the adults who brought them and cannot be left alone to wander the halls or the back of the stage. Parents will be held liable for any damages caused due by unsupervised children.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation concerning these matters.

Winter 2017 Soccer and Basketball Schedules

Winter 2017 Soccer and Basketball Standings

Travel soccer schedules for girls in the NWBSA can be found on the bottom of the NWBSA league website.

Travel basketball schedules and standings can be found on the NWBP (girls) league website or on the BTB (boys) league website.

Travel softball schedules and standings can be found on the Bergen County Girls Softball league website.