Police Department: Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting Services

Many individuals are required to be fingerprinted due to requests by employers, applications for adoptions, expungements, or for other purposes. The Paramus Police Department, through the Bureau of Criminal Identification provides fingerprinting services for PARAMUS RESIDENTS and PEOPLE WHO WORK IN PARAMUS ONLY.

Fingerprinting Information

Individuals must provide a form of identification at the time of fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting Fee = $10.00. Payment may be made by a check payable to "Paramus Police Department" or by cash. Exact change only please.

Fingerprinting services are provided by appointment only.

Please contact the Bureau of Criminal Identification 201-262-3400 Ext: 1130 to make an appointment.

The Paramus Police Department does not provide electronic fingerprinting services. For individuals who are required to be fingerprinted by the Morpho Company, their on-line appointment web site is www.bioapplicant.com.