Police Department: Office of the Chief
The Office of the Chief of Police handles the day-to-day operations of managing the Police Department. It is primarily responsible for the overall management and direction of the police department, which includes the Patrol, Operations, and Detective Divisions as well as specialized bureaus and units. In addition, the Chief's Office is responsible to liaison with other Borough departments, elected Borough officials, governmental and private sector agencies, and various community and neighborhood organizations.

The Office of the Chief is responsible for formulation and administration of the budget (both operating and capital improvement), crime analysis, multi-year planning, manpower allocation, systems analysis and implementation, contingency planning, grant formulation and administration, and production of monthly reports. The Office of the Chief is also responsible for ordering, maintaining, and distributing the department's central supplies and processing all account payable vouchers. In addition, the Office of Professional Standards and Internal Affairs reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Chief of Police - Kenneth R. Ehrenberg
Secretary - Deborah Ryen


Contact Information:

Phone: 201-262-3400 Ext: 1110

Fax:     201-649-0765

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