Press Release: Board of health Offers Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

Board of Health Offers Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

Each year the Center for Disease Control issues recommendations for flu vaccine in an effort to prevent the serious complications that can result from contracting influenza.

The Paramus Board of Health has announced that it will offer seasonal influenza vaccinations to Senior Citizens 65 and over, and adults suffering from chronic illnesses, according to Judith Migliaccio, Borough Health Officer.

Inoculations will be given at Paramus Borough Hall on Saturday morning, October 7th.

This program will not serve clients who are HMO members.  Senior Citizens and chronically ill residents who participate in an HMO need to contact their medical provider for flu immunizations.

Flu shots are recommended for adults who suffer with such chronic conditions as heart disease, diabetes, kidney ailments or any condition which compromises respiratory function.  Vaccination is also recommended for Senior Citizens 65 and over because this group is at high risk for complications from influenza, Mrs. Migliaccio noted.

All participants must be age 65 or over and must show proof of age and Paramus residency.  Chronically ill residents under 65 must present a current note from their physician indicating the need for immunization.  Persons allergic to chicken, eggs, or who have a fever, respiratory infection, have received any other vaccine during the 14 days prior to the program, have had an allergic reaction to a previous dose of influenza vaccine or have a past history of Guillian Barre syndrome should not receive this vaccination.

The Health Officer advises that senior citizens and chronically ill residents receive a flu shot annually.

Residents must register for the program by calling 201-265-2100, Ext. 2300.  Mrs. Migliaccio advises that residents should have Medicare numbers available when calling to register, and should bring their Medicare cards with them on the day of the program.  Those persons wishing to receive the flu vaccination, should arrive at Borough Hall between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM on October 7th.

The members of the Paramus Board of Health urge all senior citizens 65 and over to take advantage of these immunizations.