Board of Health


Environmental Health

1. Monitoring and enforcement of all applicable federal, state, and local environmental health laws and regulations, as they apply to bathing places, youth camps, food establishments, food & beverage vending machines, body art establishments, beauty parlors, nail salons, pet shops, kennels, hotels, multiple dwellings, insect and rodent infestations, potable water, and air, noise, and stream pollution control.

2. Investigation of all environmental health complaints.

3. Rabies control and animal bite investigation.

Health Education

The provision of a variety of planned education programs by a professional health educator to any interested resident, civic, service or professional group.

Public Health Nursing

1. Provision of a child health conference service for qualifying infants through eighteen years of age which includes immunizations against childhood diseases, and nurse and physician counseling.

2. Provision of lead poisoning control services including screening of Paramus children one year through six years of age.

3. Provision of free adult health assessment and counseling adults for high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic health conditions.

4. Annual Blood Chemistry/PSA/Thyroid Screening, A1C, VD and Flu Immunizations.

5. Skin Cancer Screening

Vital Statistics

The Paramus Board of Health maintains records of births, marriages, civil unions and deaths that have occurred in Paramus and issues marriage and civil union licenses.

1. Registration as permanent records all births, deaths, marriages and civil unions that occur in Paramus.

2. Issue marriage and civil union licenses. For instructions and application click here

3. Issue certified copies of birth, death, marriage and civil union records that are on file in our office.

4. For certified copy of vital record application and instructions click here.

For further information call (201) 265-2100, Ext. 2300 during our regular office hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30PM.