Uniform Fire Code

The Uniform Fire Code was established through the Uniform Fire Safety Act, it was developed to assure that fire safety provisions in existing buildings are being properly maintained and that specific target hazards are retrofitted with fire protection systems, fire resistive construction or other fire safety features that the state has identified as being beneficial for the health, safety and welfare of the public. 

Buildings and their associated occupancies are broken down into two categories, Life Hazard Uses and Non Life Hazard Uses (LHU's) according to a schedule in the Fire Act that weighs various hazards and risks of the occupancy. Those occupancies classified as Life Hazard Uses must be registered with the State of New Jersey, Division of Fire Safety. 


The Bureau is charged with inspecting all of the buildings and structures in the Borough, with the exception of owner occupied 1 and 2 family dwellings at least once a year, while those registered as Life Hazard Uses oftentimes are subject to more frequent inspections. The inspection process reinforces the need for owners and tenants of the buildings to adhere to state laws concerning fire and life safety issues within their occupied spaces. 

Building owners who maintain fire safe properties greatly enhance the safety of any person who may utilize the structure and vastly improves the safety of our firefighters who may respond there. Our main goal within the area of inspection and enforcement is to provide property owners and tenants the support and guidance necessary for them to comply with the various fire and life safety laws and ordinances governing our municipality.

Fire Permit Requirements

The Uniform Fire Code also establishes Fire Permit requirements. These permits are issued for hazardous activities and public events. Permits are occupancy and event specific and must be secured from the Fire Official prior to commencement of the activity. 

Most Common Permits Issued

While the list of permit uses is extensive, the most common permits issued in the Borough are for the following uses:

  • Placing temporary portable kiosks or displays in the common area of a covered mall.
  • Temporarily using a covered mall as a place of assembly.
  • Displaying vehicles in a mall.
  • The use of a torch to seal membrane roofs or remove paint from any building or structure.
  • The use of any open flame or flame producing device in conjunction with any public gathering.
  • Carnivals and circuses utilizing mobile enclosed structures.
  • Fumigation or thermal insecticide fogging.
  • Temporarily erecting tents.
  • Firework displays.