Building Inspections

The State of New Jersey requires that the Construction Department conduct field inspections.  Each major phase of the construction must be inspected by the Building Department to make certain the work conforms to code, permit and approved plans.  Construction inspections are performed Monday – Friday.

When scheduling inspections, please have the following information readily available:

  • Owner’s name
  • Address of work site location
  • Permit number
  • Type of inspection


The following inspections may be required:

  • Electrical:  Rough wiring, panels, and service installations
  • Plumbing:  Rough plumbing, underground, water and gas service, sewer and storm drains
  • Building:
    • Footing:  The bottom of trench prior to the pouring of concrete
    • Foundation Location Survey:  For any new structure or addition over 500 square feet or free-standing structure, a Foundation Location Survey must be provided to the Building Department before a foundation/backfill inspection can be requested.
    • Foundation:  Prior to backfilling
    • Framing:  Framing inspections are done after approvals have been given for Electric and Plumbing Rough inspections
    • Insulation:  Prior to the installation of gypsum board or wall covering.  Building must be protected/covered and watertight