Please note that our summer registration hours have changed! We take registrations 11:00AM- 4:00PM, Monday- Friday. We will resume our evening registration hours in September.  

Summer & Fall 2019 Brochure is out!
To view our program offerings for Summer 2019 and Fall 2019, please click on the following: Summer & Fall 2019 Brochure

Summer Camp Schedules:

Stony Lane Grades K-2 July
Stony Lane Grades K-2 August
Midland School Grades 3 & 4 July
Midland Playground Grades 3&4 August 

West Brook Playground Grades 5 & 6 July

West Brook Playground Grades 5 & 6 August

Trip Camp Schedule Grades 7&8

Fall Sport Volunteer Coaches Needed (Football, Soccer, Cheerleading, Basketball) 
2019 Intent to Coach

Summer Playground & Trip Camp Registration!

Trip Camp is filling Fast! - 
Very few spots left in session 1

Registration Hours:
 Mon-Fri 11:00am-4:00pm
Thursday Evenings 7:00pm - 8:45pm

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Trip Camp
Summer Playground


The Paramus Recreation Commission’s mission is to create opportunities for growth and improvement of citizens by offering an array of recreation programs that are diverse in their scope and address the physical, social and mental needs of the community.


  • To ensure that recreation opportunities are available to all residents, regardless of skill or ability
  • To create, advertise and manage seasonal programs such as sports, summer playground and educational classes 
  • To organize special events for the community that create a sense of pride in one’s community
  • To recruit and oversee the best possible volunteer coaches for each sport
  • To coordinate field and gym usage with various teams and organizations from the community, including the Board of Education, for the benefit of residents
  • To work with the Shade Tree Department to ensure that fields are maintained in accordance with program schedules and that parks and playgrounds are routinely maintained to ensure the safety of residents

Refund Policy

The Recreation Commission’s refund policy has changed. Credits and refunds will no longer be issued for any withdrawal or cancellation. Exceptions will not be made. Please note that as of January 1, 2017, credit card convenience fees for all borough departments will be set at 2.75% of the transaction amount, rather than a flat rate.

Volunteer Coaches Needed

Many of the youth activities offered in our brochure rely on volunteer coaches. Anyone wishing to coach any youth activity must complete both an Intent to Coach Form and an Ethics Form. All volunteer coaches must take part in and pass the Rutgers' S.A.F.ET.Y. Clinic. All candidates will be subject to a background check.