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Summer Camp Staff

All Summer Playground Camp sites will feature at least three certified teachers, one of which will be your Site Supervisor and the others will be assistants. All Summer Playground Camp sites will also have a certified EMT on-site at all times. Counselors will be a mix of high school seniors and college students. The Trip Camp for 7th and 8th graders will have a certified teacher as the Site Supervisor and all counselors are in college or older. 

Late Pickups

Children are to be picked up by the posted time each day. Families will be given two warnings on their initial late pickups and the child will be suspended for one camp day after each subsequent late pickup. A pickup is late after the designated pickup time, regardless of how much or how little time has elapsed. If you pick your child up late, you will receive a notice that serves as your warning and/or notification of suspension. 

For days when our trips return later than the posted time, late pickup notices will not be given out immediately as it is not the parent's fault that our buses were late returning to the school; however, children are expected to then be picked up within a timely manner. If you have children at multiple camp locations, please plan your pickups accordingly, especially on trip days - you may need to pick up at Midland first and then go to west brook or memorial. If your trip returns early before the normal camp day ends, parents are not required to pickup their child at that time, they may come at the usual dismissal time. Parents must remember that our staff have other obligations that they must tend to after our daily program ends (i.e. other jobs, child care, etc.) which is why the late policy is so strict. Unfortunately, two minutes the first time typically turns into ten minutes the next and it is not fair to our staff for that to continue and become habitual.