Rehabilitation Program


Rehabilitation Program Operating Manual has been prepared to assist in the administration of the Borough of Paramus Rehabilitation Program. It will serve as a guide to the program staff and applicants.

Rehabilitation Manual

At the request of a Paramus homeowner the affordable housing department will email or mail the manual which describes the basic content and operation of the program, examines program purposes and provides the guidelines for implementing the program. 


It has been prepared with a flexible format allowing for periodic updates of its sections, when required, due to revisions in regulations and/or procedures. 


The rehab manual explains the steps in the rehabilitation process. It describes the eligibility requirements for participation in the program:

  • Contract payments
  • Cost estimating
  • Funding terms and conditions
  • Overall program administration
  • Program criteria
  • Record keeping

Applications will be processed in the order of receipt.

Rehabilitation Program Manual (PDF)

Rehabilitation Program Application (PDF)