From the Mayors Desk

Updated COVID-19 Coronavirus Information from the Mayors Desk of the Borough of Paramus:

Out of an abundance of caution and in an effort to minimize potential exposure/transmission of COVID-19 the Borough in coordination with our health department and OEM will be closing/restricting non-essential facilities and activities as follows:

1. Senior Center will be closed and trips suspended.
2. Sr. Bus service limited to supermarket.
3. Restricted visitation to the Behnke Affordable Housing Project.
4. Modified recreation activities.
5. Closing the public library.
6. Closing the Behnke museum.

Please check the borough web-site for further details.
Borough hall schedule and all other services are unchanged at this time and ask that use common sense and avoid visiting any of our facilities if you are sick.

The Health Officer has also strongly encouraged the BOE to minimize potential exposure with similar restrictions and actions on non-essential activities and access to their facilities at this time. 

Posted 3/21/20: Gov. Phil Murphy on Saturday announced he’s putting New Jersey into a virtual lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus, ordering New Jerseyans to stay at home except for necessary trips and mandating that non-essential retail businesses closed until further notice and others have people work from home.  Governors Announcement Video

Posted 3/27/20: Bergen County Executive Order 2020-01E 

Posted 3/26/20: Executive Order No. 110

Posted 3/21/20: NJ Executive Order Mandatory Facility Closures

Posted 3/21/20: Executive Order No. 108

Posted 3/21/20: Executive Order No. 107

Posted 3/19/20: Borough of Paramus Departmental Directives Updated 3/19

Posted 3/19/20: COVID 19 Executive Order #1 Amended

Posted 3/17/20: FYI, please see link below. Starting tonight Mayor and Council meetings
                                  will be closed to the public until further notice and residents must
                                  participate via: phone.  Members of the public may e-mail a
                                  question(s) or matter(s) of discussion to
                         by 6:30 pm today, March 17, 2020
                                  for the governing body to consider or discuss tonight.

Posted 3/17/20: County of Bergen Executive Order No. 2020-1B

Posted 3/17/20: EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 104

Posted 3/17/20: All Borough Offices are closed to Public

Posted 3/16/20: Borough of Paramus Departmental Directives Updated 3/16

Posted 3/16/20: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Posted 3/15/20: Your elected officials together with government agencies are making very
                           tough decisions that are in your best interest and for your own well being.
                           Regretfully though I have seen many activities defeating the purpose of
                           these preventative actions, specifically social distancing...  

Posted 3/13/20: COVID 19 Executive Order #1

Posted 3/13/20: Passport Application Acceptance Suspended until further notice

Posted 3/13/20: Borough of Paramus and Oradell Suspend Municpal Court until 3/30/2020

Posted 3/12/20: The Borough of Paramus takes your Health very Seriously

Posted 3/12/20: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Thorough Guidance to Limit Spread

Posted 3/11/20: Borough of Paramus Departmental Directives

Posted 3/2/20: Wash Your Hands Fact Sheet

Posted 3/2/20: Coronavirus Travel Notice

Posted 3/2/20: What should the Public Do

Posted 3/2/20: COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care and K-12 Schools

Posted 2/27/20: Mayors Letter - Coronavirus 2020