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The position of the Borough Clerk is required by New Jersey Statute (N.J.S.A. 40A:9-133)

The Office of the Borough Clerk has many statutory duties, which includes acting as secretary to the governing body, chief administrative officer for all local elections, registrar of voters and the custodian of records. The Office of the Clerk also facilitates the issuance of various licenses and permits.

There are several Core Duties of the Municipal Clerk which include:

  • Secretary of the Municipal Corporation
  • Secretary to the Governing Body
  • Chief Administrative Officer of All Elections held in the Municipality
  • Chief Registrar of Voters in the Municipality
  • Administrative Officer
  • Records Coordinator and Manager


OPRA Requests

The Municipal Clerk receives all requests under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). OPRA applies to requests for records, not requests for isolated facts. In order to be considered a valid request under OPRA, the request must identify the specific record(s) desired and the request must be submitted to the records custodian of the public agency that has the record. A New Jersey Appeals Court recently ruled that requestors do not need to use the agency's records request form but any request must include all required information.



  1. When and how can I apply for/renew a passport?
    Passport applications can be processed in the Clerk’s Office BY APPOINTMENT ONLY from 9 AM – 3:30 PM. You are required to bring a photo of yourself as we do not take photos at our location. Those who wish to expedite their passport application for an extra fee can expect to receive their passport within three weeks. For regular processing, it can be expected within 6 weeks.
  2. I want to have a garage sale, do I need a permit?
    Yes, Borough ordinances require a resident to obtain a permit to hold a garage sale. The application can be obtained by visiting the Forms page on the Borough Clerk section of our website, or done in person at the Clerk’s Office. There is a $15 fee associated with garage sales. A resident is allowed two garage sale permits per year. Each permit allows three consecutive days to hold the sale.
  3. If I already have a landscaping license from the state, do I also need one from the Borough of Paramus?
    Yes, Borough ordinances require landscaping companies to obtain a permit from the Borough. Current registration of all vehicles must be presented at the time the application is submitted, and must have commercial license plates.
  4. How do I apply for a business permit?
    Every business operating in Paramus is required to apply for a business permit. The application can be obtained and submitted online by visiting the Forms page on our website, in person at the Clerk’s Office, or by mail. The required fee varies based on the type of business being conducted. The fee schedule is listed by type of business on the last page of the application.



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